'A bright future:' Women Empowering Women encourages strength, community

MILWAUKEE -- A local organization is helping women find their purpose and take their talents to the next level. New Hope Youth and Family Services held the Women Empowering Women Breakfast Session on Saturday, April 6.

"As one, we are a drop and together, we are an ocean," said Shontina Gladney, the event's emcee.

Women Empowering Women Breakfast Session

Women Empowering Women Breakfast Session

Breakfast was served with a side of sisterhood. Gladney says the event -- titled "I Ain't Nobody's Fool" -- allows women to get candid about addressing lack of judgement, lack of sense and the truth.

"We look at the decisions we make, or who we chose to put around us," explained Gladney. "A lot of times, those influences land us to where we are. Unconsciously, we become the fool and we look at that... whether it's our mistake, it's our history."

The women shared authentic stories that will help them navigate through life.

Women Empowering Women Breakfast Session

Shontina Gladney

"My whole philosophy is: your experience, your challenges should be your gift to the world," said Gladney.

Words of wisdom came from keynote speakers addressing several topics.

"It's about empowering women that are going through walks of life -- could be domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse," said Rita Lee, director and founder of New Hope Youth and Family Services. "We need to uplift each other, empower each other in business, family and personal life."

Rita Lee

The event aimed to help attendees overcome challenges, while still inspiring their journeys toward success.

"It's time for you to dream again," said Gladney. "Go ahead and make sure you know that it's possible. You do have a bright future."

The women were motivated and ready to step up when they step out.

Women Empowering Women Breakfast Session

"Leave change, leave renewed, leave restored, and leave better than they came," said Laneice McGee, a board member.

The Breakfast Sessions are held every other month. To learn more about the topics and upcoming dates, click HERE.

Women Empowering Women Breakfast Session