Going green: New bar in Bay View serves up cocktails while being eco-friendly

MILWAUKEE -- Taking over Boone and Crocketts' old location -- "Lost Whale" is a new "green bar" in Bay View that is serving up craft cocktails while being eco-friendly. Owners Daniel and Tripper visited Wake Up Saturday morning, Nov. 3 with what it's all about and give us a taste of what they're offering.

About Lost Whale (website)

Two hospitality veterans have teamed up to bring Lost Whale, a Midwestern hospitality-focused bar, to the old Boone & Crockett space at 2151 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. this June.

After years in the industry, Tripper Duval, former mixologist for Badger Liquor and Daniel Beres, formerly Beverage Director for Stand Eat Drink Hospitality Group, are ready to introduce their brand of hospitality to Milwaukee.  “Wisconsin is filled with hard-working people who want to go out to have a good time.  We value their time and we’ll be focused on speed behind the bar, a minimized wait time for drinks, and the cocktails will be fresh, innovative, and delicious,” says Duval.

The name “The Lost Whale” comes from an old April Fool’s article about whales being spotted in Lake Michigan.  So many people took it seriously, that there’s even a Facebook group of over 11,000 followers all hoping to catch a glimpse of a Lake Michigan whale.  But, they’re wasting their time.  “No whale has been in that lake, ever.  We thought the name was a perfect mix of whimsy, humor, and hope,” explains Beres.

Being that the bar is located on the Kinnickinnic River and inspired by Lake Michigan folklore, The Lost Whale will be focused on community efforts and charities that respect and maintain Milwaukee’s waterways.  The bar will practice sustainability through many facets such as biodegradable straws, cross-utilizing produce, composting waste, and recycling.

The Lost Whale opened June 28th, 2018.  Food Trucks from across the city will be featured and rotated seasonally.  You can follow The Lost Whale on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest updates & happening.