Marathoner raised in Wisconsin eager to represent state at 2021 Olympics

WAUKESHA -- With the summer games postponed, a marathoner from Waukesha County has put her Olympic dreams on hold. Even though she doesn't live in Wisconsin, she's always representing her home state.

Olympic marathoner Molly Seidel is prepared to postpone her dream from 2020 to 2021.

"Learning about the postponement is difficult, and it'll present a new set of challenges for us, but I think it is by far the right decision to do here," Seidel said.

Being an Olympian is flat out cool.

"They gave us a little hat to wear, with like the U.S. Olympic team on it and someone was like, 'Aw, man, that's so cool. Where'd you get that hat?' And I was like, 'Well, I earned it," said Seidel. "I train a lot."

Seidel has run a lot in Wisconsin. She lives in Boston now, but she's from Nashotah and went to University Lake School. It wouldn't be surprising to see her back here instead of Tokyo in the upcoming months.

"My brother actually lives and works downtown now. I think he works for a family business down there, so I'll go down and stay with him now that his apartment's in the third ward," she said. "I do quite a few runs along the lakefront, especially during the summer."

She is in a very select group being an Olympian -- but she's a Wisconsinite, too.

"I actually took a case of Spotted Cow with me out to Flagstaff when I was doing my altitude training," said Seidel. "I grew up pretty close to the Culver family, so Mrs. Culver would always send me little gift cards so I could get little custard cones after my races."

She's already representing her home state -- and eager to represent her country.