Touch and feel: A hands-on lesson in keeping our local waters clean

MILWAUKEE -- We've had a lot of rain lately -- and it all needs somewhere to go. Which is why it is really important to clear your storm drains. Kristin Schoenecker with Respect your Waters joins Real Milwaukee with some small steps we can all take to keep our local waterways clean.

What is Adopt-A-Storm drain? (website)

The Adopt-A-Storm Drain program is an opportunity for individuals in Southeastern Wisconsin to prevent water pollution right from their homes. Even if you don't live near a creek, river, or lake, that doesn't mean you don't have a direct impact on the health of those waterways. Adopt a drain today and prevent pollution from getting into our water!

How do I adopt a drain?

It's easy! Adopting a drain doesn't require a formal agreement or a list of requirements - we won't even send you anything! By adopting a drain, you agree to prevent pollution from reaching storm drains by keeping the area around drains free from debris and by following our simple tips. Simply provide the location of the storm drain with an approximate address and we will add your drain's location to the map below!