Head back to school in style: The hottest haircuts for kids returning to class

MILWAUKEE -- If your kids aren't already in school -- they will be soon. And odds are they will want a new hairdo to go with all their new clothes. Supercuts stylist Jonelle Todd joins Real Milwaukee with some trendy back-to-school looks.

This first style is great for boys who don't want to spend a lot of time on their hair.
• This style lets your little guy get creative. There are a variety of ways you can work the top.
• He can add some texturizing paste on top to get the look he desires, whether it`s a messy look or something a little more buttoned up.

• The hard part has been a very popular hairstyle at Supercuts for guys of all ages.
• It`s easy to style in the morning with a comb and some product.
• If your son is going to be outside during school or after school, it`s a good idea to apply some sunscreen to the exposed skin on his head to help avoid burns.

• A bob is great for girls with thinner hair. It gives your hair more performance on the bottom so it feels thicker.
• Use a curling iron to give it volume and some extra flair.
• Add texturizing spray beforehand to help the curls last.

• Having long hair is nice, but it can easily end up in your face. This style helps prevent that. It`s also great for girls with thicker hair.
• You're going to create two separate braids that run from the forehead and are pulled toward the back of the head.
• Wrap a section of hair in the back into a bun.
• Add some bobby pins to the bun. Accessories are a great way to give your hair a different look. It can also give it some extra personality depending on the accessories you choose.

• At least a few days before school starts so your kids have some time to practice styling their hair. That will help save you time on the first day of school.