What to buy in October

Fall is finally here! But before you throw on that flannel jacket or brew a pot of pumpkin spice tea, Consumer Reports says October is a great time to make sure your home and yard are prepped for the colder months ahead. 

Here are some deals on top-rated products to get your fall on right.

Savings this month are off to an early start in response to the latest announcement about Alexa-enabled devices. 

Amazon just unveiled its newest devices, and the rollout of these new products should spur sales on Amazon legacy smart speakers.

The 2nd generation Echo ShowSmart Speaker is available on clearance now for $116 at Best Buy. 

CR says the smart speaker has decent sound quality and features a 10-inch touch screen.

Next, rev up your autumn with a brand new chainsaw. 

The Oregon Electric Corded Chainsaw is $85 at Walmart. 

CR says the tool is lightweight and great for smaller jobs like hedge trimming.

Let the temperatures drop only outside your home and keep the inside steady with a smart thermostat. 

CR found the Google Nest Learning Thermostat for $199 at Abt Electronics, Home Depot, Amazon, and Staples. 

CR says it’s one of the top smart thermostats tested and has automated monitoring to help save on utility bills.

Next is a smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector. 

The First Alert Onelink Smart smoke and CO detector is $82 at Amazon. 

CR says you can control and monitor the device right from your smartphone.

And finally, as the holiday weekend approaches CR says to look out for some big deals on mattresses. 

We tend to recommend never paying full price on a mattress because they go on sale often, and the same goes for this month. 

Wait until a couple days before the holiday weekend for mattress brands to announce their sales.

Have a great month and enjoy that crisp autumn air!

Consumer Reports says to keep in mind that the deals in this report can be gone before you know it, so you should take advantage of a sale early, especially on popular products.

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