'We're going to help a lot of families:' Pewaukee police host diaper drive

PEWAUKEE -- The Village of Pewaukee Police Department teamed with the Waukesha County food pantry and area businesses to help families in need -- collecting diapers, baby wipes and baby formula or families in need.

Sgt. Lucas Twelmeyer

"I just hoped somebody would show up, in general, and it's been overwhelming, crazy, honestly, a lot of people," said Sergeant Lucas Twelmeyer of the Pewaukee Police Department. "A lot of community support. We're going to help a lot of families."

Sgt. Twelmeyer said that the Department had collected over 3,191 diapers alone in the weeks leading up to Saturday's official collection -- not to mention baby wipes and baby formula.

The inspiration to host the diaper drive? An arrest.

Sgt. Twelmeyer says he was in a situation, making an arrest, in which the individual had stolen items like those collected on Saturday.

"He was taking things for his kids. On my way back to the police department, I thought to myself 'What am I really doing to try and solve this problem,'" Sgt. Twelmeyer said. "My idea was, if I can provide those items so people wouldn't have to be in that situation, that would help them out and other people who are having trouble making ends meet."

An estimated 7,000-8,000 total diapers were collected.