St. Francis police need help in search for serial garage burglar: 'It's shocking sometimes'

ST. FRANCIS -- Police in St. Francis are searching for a serial garage burglar. The thief is responsible for breaking into several garages in St. Francis and nearby Milwaukee this week alone.

In the middle of the night, a Nest camera shed light on a burglar lurking through an alley. The suspect can be seen looking around before getting on his toes to peep over a fence -- and then deciding to move on to another location.

Serial burglary suspect caught on camera

Serial burglary suspect caught on camera

"What you see at night -- it's shocking sometimes," said Kim, who lives in the neighborhood.

Police believe the man is connected to a string of garage break-ins in St. Francis and Milwaukee. They say he targeted the alley from Iowa Avenue to Brust Avenue -- Monday night into Tuesday morning -- all while carrying a crowbar.

"It's a quiet neighborhood. Most people who are doing these crimes are coming from other neighborhoods," Kim said.

Kim has lived in the area for more than a decade and said her property has been burglarized before.

"Over the years, it has not been surprising. It's less and less shocking," Kim said.

Serial burglary suspect caught on camera

Police say the suspect was driving a dark-colored sedan with a large spoiler. It was captured by a surveillance camera when the suspect made a stop at a nearby gas station.

The suspect got away with tools and valuable items. He also took a sense of security for many.

"I always feel like I'm keeping an eye out. I always look out the window. I talk to our neighbors," Kim said.

If you recognize the suspect, you are urged to call the St. Francis Police Department at 414-481-2232.