Need a new computer? Here are some that could be right for you

Trying to video-chat with friends, or get some work or remote learning done from home, but your computer just isn’t cutting it?

You’re not alone.

Consumer Reports is sharing some tips to help you figure out what kind of new computer is right for you.

If you like PCs, the Lenovo Flex 15 is a CR Best Buy at $750. CR says the convertible laptop is comfortable and convenient to use.

If you prefer a Mac, the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro for $2,400 is one of Consumer Reports' top-rated laptops.

Consumer Reports' testers say its long battery life could last you beyond a full day’s work.

Apple is at the top of our ratings when it comes to reliability and owner satisfaction.

As for desktops, all-in-one models, where the computer is built into the monitor, are a popular choice.

They’re powerful and they save space.

A 27-inch model from Lenovo, the IdeaCentre 520-27ICB, is a Consumer Reports Best Buy.

Testers say that it showed fast speeds during performance tests and that the touch screen offers a convenient way to navigate.

For Mac lovers, Consumer Reports recommends the iMac MNDY2LL/A, at 21 and a half inches, for $1,500.

It has built-in speakers, and Consumer Reports says its dedicated graphics card allows you to run more graphics-intensive tasks like video editing at top speed.

If now isn’t the right time to drop a lot of cash on a new computer, Consumer Reports says one free option is to turn an outdated laptop into a Chromebook.

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