Milwaukee Auto Show highlights 2020 vehicle trends: 'SUVs, crossovers are outselling sedans'

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6's cameras on Sunday, Feb. 23 captured more than 500 vehicles from 30 manufacturers highlighting the latest in automotive trends on the second day of the Greater Milwaukee International Car and Truck Show at the Wisconsin Center.

"SUVs and crossovers are outselling sedans by leaps and bounds," said Deedee Taft with the Auto Show.

Experts noted electrification to be a big trend, with newer batteries lasting longer and said driver assistance packages are a big seller because they have reduced the number of people injured in crashes.


"(They) keep you in the lane, slow you down, speed you up," said Taft. "You know, any warning system you can imagine, all available in the vehicles now."

Deedee Taft

In addition to safety features, vehicle technology has come a long way.  From Alexa to Apple CarPlay, it's all about phones interacting with your car.

"Voice control can control virtually all the operations of the car," said Jim Tolkan, president of the Auto Dealers Association of Mega Milwaukee.

When it comes to what consumers are looking for, Tolkan said gas mileage, affordability, and technology are at the top of the list.

The star of the show was the brand new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette -- the first with an engine in the middle of the vehicle.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette

"If you truly want a beautiful, unbelievable performing sports car, this is the one," Tolkan said.

The Greater Milwaukee International Car and Truck Show runs through March 1.