Kia Boys YouTube documentary, Milwaukee police call it 'disturbing'

Milwaukee police say they are looking into what they call a "disturbing" YouTube video about the "Kia Boys." The video shows teens in Milwaukee recklessly driving a stolen car. At one point, they tell the camera it's going to be a bloody summer. 

Tommy Gerszewski, known as "Tommy G" on YouTube, posted his Kia Boys documentary Tuesday, May 31. He said he wanted to give the Kia Boys a chance to tell their story. At least one reckless driving advocate worries it could make other teens want to join them. 

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"Today, I'm going boots on the ground, covering a notorious group of kids: the Kia Boys," said Gerszewski in the video. 

In the 16-minute video posted on YouTube, Gerszewski spends time with the Kia Boys.

Kia Boys YouTube documentary

"Do you see people running for their life up there, dude?" said Gerszewski in the video. 

Several teens show him their typical afternoon.

"Just another Tuesday for you," said Gerszewski in the video. 

"Initially, I was kind of disgusted because it seemed to make just a big joke of the whole thing," said Jordan Morales, VP of the Sherman Park Community Association. 

Morales lives in Sherman Park and has been an advocate for safer streets in Milwaukee. He worries the video makes stealing cars look cool. A Milwaukee man was killed after speeding in a stolen car early Tuesday.

"I think it glorifies it, you know," said Morales. "Obviously, the host of that documentary was laughing along with them and making jokes and stuff like that."

Kia Boys YouTube documentary

As for whether the video glorifies the Kia Boys, Gerszewski had this to say: "I think you could ask that about any tough question you have to do, like the war on Ukraine, abortion, school shooter. When you talk about a school shooter, there’s likely to be another one. That’s just how things work because of being notorious, but at the end of the day, I’d rather talk about something, shed light on it. I gave them the opportunity to show humanity or to respond. I asked them tough questions, and they kind of revealed how they felt about it themselves."

The Kia Boys said they expect little punishment if they are caught.

"You only going to like three weeks. It’s a misdemeanor," one said in the video. 

They are brazen about violence.

"Stay dangerous. It’s going to be a bloody summer. A lot of (expletive) are going to die," one said in the video. 

Kia Boys YouTube documentary

It's something Gerszewski and Morales hope is seen and heard by city leaders.

"I think this is something that needs to be covered," said Gerszewski. 

"This documentary should serve as a valuable piece of intelligence for city leaders to see what the mindset is," said Morales. 

Gerszewski said he'd like to see more money spent on programs to give teens positive things to do. 

"I mean we spent $500 million on a trolley that no one uses.," said Gerszewski. "I don’t know if we could do a monthly subscription to a gym in the city and have those kids learn stuff that actually makes them confident and strong and secure in themselves and be able to protect others rather than menace others." 

Milwaukee police said they are aware of this video. The department's FusionDivision is reviewing the content for a possible criminal investigation.