Inmate with Huber privileges on the run from Waushara County

WAUSHARA COUNTY -- An inmate with Huber privileges has failed to return to the facility, officials with the Waushara County Sheriff's Office say.

Emily Faber, 27, was serving a 6-month sentence for theft and a 12-month sentence for failure to report to jail. On Monday, Nov. 11, Faber was utilizing her Huber privileges when she neglected to return to the jail.

FOX6 News has previously told you about Faber, a mother prosecutors said faked her toddler’s cancer in a scheme for money.

According to a criminal complaint, on the evening of Jan. 22, Faber turned herself in at the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office on a fraud charge. She told investigators in November, she had taken her daughter (who is now 3 years old) to the doctor for a lump under her arm, which she was told might be cancer, and more tests were done. She said she told her family and friends about the possible diagnosis, and said a friend set up a account for her daughter. Meanwhile, Faber learned her daughter did not have cancer, but she didn’t tell anyone. More than $8,000 was raised through the Go Fund Me account, which was put into the bank account of Faber’s boyfriend — the child’s father. She said she would ask him for the debit card when she wanted to buy something, and estimated she spent around $2,000, but noted she wasn’t the only one spending the money.

The complaint said Faber told investigators “the money was too tempting, and she didn’t know how to tell people the truth.”

Anyone with information about Faber’s location can contact the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office at 920-787-3321.