Grill up the best-tasting hot dogs

It wouldn’t be summer without an argument over the grill—not about how to cook the food but about what the best fuel source is: charcoal or gas. 

CR’s testers share some top grill picks, and we have results of taste tests from different hot dog brands, including Nathan’s and Oscar Mayer.

Whatever you have planned for this summer, chances are, part of it includes grilling—or if you’re lucky, eating what someone else has grilled.

If you’re going for that classic, smoky barbecue vibe, Consumer Reports says to break out the charcoal grill. 

It takes a little longer to set up, but the flavor is well worth it. 

The Weber 22" 14401001, $219 ($280, Weber Canada), consistently earns a top spot in CR’s ratings of kettle grills. 

And for more convenience and very good indirect heating, CR recommends the Dyna-Glo DGN576DNC-D, $280 ($564, Lowes Canada; $512, Best Buy Canada).

If you’re thinking about heading to the beach or a park, a portable gas grill might be the way to go. 

The Coleman RoadTrip 285, $290 ($530, Walmart Canada), travels easily, requiring only a light 1-pound propane tank, and it earned top scores in CR’s tests.

No matter where you’re grilling or what you’re grilling on, CR says you can’t go wrong with hot dogs on the menu. 

Several CR staffers taste-tested hot dogs from popular brands like Nathan’s, and several meat-free options, too.

The taste testers unanimously agreed: Go for Nathan’s or Hebrew National. 

And if you’re looking for a meat-free option, look no further than the Beyond Meat Sausages or the Impossible. 

The meatless bratwurst from Beyond and Impossible were also good. 

CR says the Oscar Mayer Uncured Original Weiner is also a great option for the most basic, hot-dog-like hot dog. It’s also a kid pleaser, with its simple, straightforward taste.

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