Grafton man charged with child abuse at Cedarburg residence

Robin Dorschner

CEDARBURG -- A 51-year-old Grafton man has been charged with child abuse. Robin Dorschner faces charges on two counts including intentionally causing bodily harm to a child.

According to a criminal complaint, Cedarburg police were called to a report that a child was struck in the face on Jan. 4. A Cedarburg police officer spoke to the victim, who stated that an altercation began when the child's friend rang the doorbell at the home -- prompting Dorschner to yell at the child. The victim then went outside to get away from the yelling and speak to the friend.

When the victim tried to go back inside, the complaint states Dorschner blocked the child's path and then pushed the child -- who fell onto the friend's bicycle. The complaint says Dorschner then slapped the child across the face when a verbal argument between the two escalated. After striking the child, Dorschner left the residence, the complaint says.

The victim's friend told police that the slap seemed more like a half-closed fist than an open hand, and an officer noticed that the victim's face was bright red with swelling and bruising.

Dorschner made his initial appearance in court on Monday, Jan. 6. He is due back in court on Jan. 16.