Cellphone plans from your cable company

Maybe you’ve seen ads for cell-phone service from companies you don’t usually think of when it comes to mobile phones. 

More and more cable and broadband companies are offering cell-phone plans, and as Consumer Reports reveals, those plans can often save you money.

About 5 million people now get their cell-phone service from a cable or broadband company.

Cable companies lease wireless capacity from major carriers and use WiFi whenever possible to provide service, and that saves consumers money.

If you already get internet service from Spectrum or Xfinity or any service offered by Altice’s Optimum or Suddenlink brands, adding a cell-phone plan to the bundle could lower your mobile bill.

All three companies offer one phone line with unlimited talk, text, and data for just $45 a month. 

And they offer flexibility, so you can sign up for customized data plans for each of the members of your family.

CR says there are a few drawbacks to consider. Your service could get slowed down if network traffic is high, fees or taxes may not be included in the advertised rates, and automatic monthly payments may be required.

Consumer Reports says if money is tight, this could be a way to afford both cell service and a wired broadband connection in your house.

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