Brown Deer native with passion for fruit is helping others eat healthier

During the winter months in Wisconsin, it can be difficult finding quality fruit. But during the pandemic, online businesses with delivery and curbside pickup have changed the way we shop - which is a good thing for one local 21-year-old and the community he serves.

Brian Kramp introduces us to a Brown Deer native whose passion for fruit is helping individuals eat healthier.

Brown deer native Jalen Greenlee has surrounded himself with healthy food, literally. 

"I’m very, very passionate about health and wellness," said Greenlee. 

It’s all part of a mission – a business he nows runs out of his parents’ house. Flora Fruit Company is an idea this 21-year-old came up with in college.

"When I got to college it really just opened my eyes on how unhealthy America and the people around me were becoming. Unhealthy foods were so accessible and healthy foods were so inaccessible," said Greenlee. 

 Flora Fruit Company is a fruit delivery service.

"We usually get all the fruit together on Friday, clean and pick out the bad fruit that we don’t want in the boxes because we really want to put out the best product we can. We want to put ourselves in your shoes and give you the fruit that you want to eat," said Greenlee. 

Greenlee wants everyone to have access to healthy food.

"To put my print on the obesity problem in America and you should keep fruit on your counter because if food is in front of you, you’re bound to eat it," said Greenlee. 

So even the winter months can’t be an excuse for not eating healthy.

"Healthy foods are not readily accessible that’s why we have the delivery to your door aspect and we chose the subscription model so it can show up to your door every week or bi-weekly to help that convenience and accountability factor," said Greenlee. 

 For Jalen, it’s also about educating his customers.

"Just to tell people that fruits are really something we should have in our diets more and more than we already do have it. Like I had a list, it’s called 22 reasons to eat fruit. Like, low in calories, provide energy, boost your immune system, has all the essential nutrients," said Greenlee. 

The smiles – proof Jalen's fruit is appealing.

"They love it! It brings me joy to see other people thrive… to help others. As I get older I just realize that it’s not just about me. It’s about my community the people in this country and the world," said Greenlee. 

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Jalen hopes to someday be successful enough that when a box of his fruit is ordered, flora fruit company can then donate an additional box to a household in a food desert. for more information on ordering the immune booster, healthy human or flora your way fruit boxes, go to