2 staffers charged after janitor of St. Josaphat School admits gun discharged inside building

MILWAUKEE -- A former administrator and teacher of St. Josaphat School in Milwaukee are now charged in connection with a gun going off inside the building in April. The gun went off and a bullet traveled to a nearby classroom and into the path of three students.

Parents and students were not notified about what happened for 13 days. Prosecutors say that is because the child's teacher and principal tried to cover it up.

Saint Josaphat Parish School

Heriberto Martin

FOX6 News previously told you the janitor of the school at the time has been charged for discharging the weapon. Heriberto Martin, 59, faces a felony charge of possession of a firearm on grounds of a school.

Lisa Sarenac of Greendale, 52, and Carolyn Trawitzki of Milwaukee, 67, each face one misdemeanor count of failure to report child abuse, neglect.

Prosecutors say on April 5, Trawitzki was in her classroom teaching at St. Josaphat Parish School when a bullet came through a wall approximately one foot from one student's head, traveling through a second student's jacket and backpack, and finally striking a third student in the side, where it luckily caused only a "small red mark."

When questioned by police about this incident, Martin indicated "he took his .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol" to school that day. He "claimed he wanted access to his tools at the school to fix an issue with the gun's slide." Martin "admitted that the gun discharged while he was working on it." Martin told officers "he had made a mistake and had no one to blame but himself."

Saint Josaphat Parish School

Trawitzki informed Sarenac, the principal, about what had happened. But prosecutors say they never called police -- and waited days to notify higher ups. That prompted the Department of Public Instruction to launch an investigation.

Neither Sarena nor Trawitzki answered the door Thursday when FOX6 News tried to asked them why they were not forthcoming.

Prosecutors say Sarenac and Trawitzki "planned" to deceive the parents of the students involved so that "this would all go away." They allegedly told the families an "unknown object" from a "malfunction of equipment" caused the injury and damage to the belongings.

Saint Josaphat Parish School

On April 12, the court documents state Sarenac finally informed the priest in charge of the parish about the gun going off.

On April 17, Trawitzki told the priest that a 10-year-old girl had been injured.

Again, Milwaukee police were contacted and an investigation resulted in Martin's termination. Trawitzki and Sarenac were also placed on leave -- one later resigned and the other retired.

If either Sarenac or Trawitzki are convicted on the charges, they face up to six months in prison and $1,000 in fines.

Saint Josaphat Parish School